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Education Programs

Taste Makers

Across the Northwest Territiories children in our schools often miss out on basic nutrition education, Taste Makers aims to remedy this by ensuring basic nutrition education in every school in the Northwest Territories.

Gardening, 101

In 2016, with help from United Way NWT, we were able to purchase indoor gardens, soil and seeds for any school in the Northwest Territories who wanted to partake in the program.  The program was intended to showcase how food can be grown and the healthy options that growing your own food can create.

The “Big Crunch”

Snack Grants

Every day many of the children in the Northwest Territories face the daunting challenge of breaking the poverty cycle on an empty stomach. A hungry child is already facing difficult odds and in classes this is often seen in unattentive or disruptive behaviour. We aim to give teachers a tool to combat this in the classroom. These Healthy and Nutritious snacks are an option for any school, even without easy access to food preperation facilities or support volunteers. This includes items such as Yogurt, Fruit, Vegitables and Milk.

Meal Programs

Many schools already have a breakfast or lunch program. All too often these are struggling to find funding or pay for nutritious food. Food First aims to bolster these programs so that they feed more children healthier food. Schools are selected based on the donors wishes, but if not specified we look for maximum impact in places where good people are up against difficult odds. We want to make sure they have as little to worry about with regards to funding as possible.

Thank you to our supporters!