About Us

Food First. Learn Next. Grow and Thrive.

Our Vision

An NWT where all kids have access to adequate and healthy food, alongside food skills and knowledge, and where schools have the means to help them get there.

Our Mission

Is to support food and nutrition education programs in NWT schools with the goal of encouraging a healthy population of children and youth for future generations.

Our History

In the early 2000’s the Food First Foundation was formed to address the widespread food insecurity issues in the North. With many students going to school hungry, concerned Northerners came together to try and help schools feed their students and create programs to foster the food skills kids need to be able to feed themselves in the future.

Why Choose Us?

The money that we raise stays in the NWT, and the vast majority of it goes directly to schools.

NWT schools are on the frontlines of battling food insecurity in Northern communities. The teachers, administrators and support staff who run these programs know their communities and know their students, and work hard to make sure they are taken care of.

We’ve heard stories of school principals making breakfast items in their home kitchens daily to bring into school, or school staff driving into larger neighbouring communities every weekend to pick up groceries for their school food programs.

Kids should not be trying to learn on an empty stomach, and schools should not be struggling to feed their students just so they can focus throughout the day.

Food First wants to help NWT schools help NWT kids, so they can grow, learn and thrive.


“The opportunity that small schools receive because of Food First Foundation is incredible for staff and students moral as they receive new items for their home economic room. Over the years we have been able to have new small appliances, mixers and the like to help upgrade our kitchen. From the students and staff of Moose Kerr we send a big SHOUT OUT! in appreciation for this excellent opportunity that we receive.” – Velma Illasiak, Principal, Moose Kerr School

“…I am expressing our gratitude for once again allowing us to be participants in the Tastemakers Program.  It has been a wonderful experience for all involved.  Second, in response to the feedback received from both students and staff, I am delighted to endorse this program.

From the onset, our experience while participating in this program has been nothing but positive.  It was easy to register, resources are top notch and easily implemented and the funding accountability structure is not complicated.  Further, the program meets a number of our school objectives; healthy eating promotion; student collaboration; real-life learning experiences, etc.  Most importantly though, is how well the program has been received by our students…” – Pat Sullivan, Principal, Ecole St. Joseph School

Thank you to our supporters!