Who We Are

Food First is a registered charity whose mission is to support food and nutrition education programs in NWT schools with the goal of encouraging a healthy population of children and youth for future generations.

The Issues

Recent data indicates that 30% of NWT children live in food-insecure households; the second highest of any province/territory in Canada. Many of these children are going to school hungry and undernourished.

Inadequate nourishment leads to poor concentration, classroom behavioural issues, higher absenteeism, low self-esteem, and reduced scholastic success. Healthy food provides the nutrients children need to be attentive and enthusiastic in school, increasing their ability to concentrate, learn, and develop into outstanding adults.

What We Are Doing

Funders can choose where they want to see their donations spent. Whether it be a breakfast program in the Beaufort Delta or a cooking class in the South Slave, we can get your money to a school in need in the NWT. The need varies from community to community, so we can work with you to ensure your donations go where you’d like.

School Breakfast Programs – 60%

Cooking & Education – 30%

Other – 10%

Latest News

Thank you to our supporters!

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